Portugal is mainly know for table wines, Port and Madeira it also produces brut, dry, semi-dry and sweet white and Rose sparkling wines. Currently these wines are mainly consumed in Portugal, with brands and Regions with strong domestic reputations. However, these brands and regions aren't yet very well known in international markets.

In an effort to increase its presence in International markets the Portuguese sparkling wine is looking for a new name that could be easily pronunciated in both Western and Eastern languages. Thus we are launching an international competition to find a name to identify to identify Portuguese sparkling wines in international markets.

The word for such name shouldn't have more than 6 phonemes and has to be associated to Portugal as well as given an image of warmth, fun, sophistication, welcoming, freshness and accessibility. This is an open competition and all entries will be considered. The competition will end in the 31st of May 2018.

Along with the proposed word, the proponents are required to submit a brief (400 words) explanation on why they think it is appropriate and was choosen. The words will be evaluated by a panel of industry leaders, linguists and copywriters.

The top 5 names selected will get a prize. The first prize is a check of 3.000 euros, the second prize is a week in Portugal, with visits to wineries and vineyards and one of the main cities of Portugal, the third is a weekend in Lisbon or Porto, the forth is a voucher of 500 euros to buy Portuguese wines in homeland market and finally the fifth is a voucher of 250 euros to buy Portuguese wines in homeland market.
In order to win the prize the proponent of the selected Name will renounce its copyright, which will be property of “Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho I.P.” and, therefore, registered in it´s name.

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